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trouble :/

I'm having some serious thinking to do at the min and its bloody killing me D:

The GazettE concert is in a few weeks and i still dont know if im going to be able to go, not just because i dont know if i'll have the money for it but also because of my grandma, but i dont want to let my sister down because it would be her first time seeing The GazettE and i only got her into them last year.

On the other hand my grandma called me this afternoon and she said she was alright but she wished one of us had stayed with her untill she was able to come back after her house is sold...and i feel so bad that i did and i want to go back, but i dont know if my mum will be mad at me.
I'm supposed to be working..right now, in a job but because of the timing of my grandad's death things didnt go as i thought they would and im just stressing over all these things.

will my mum be mad at me, i cant let jess down, i dont want to leave me grandma on her own.
tbh i dont know why my mum would be angry with me...i guess its just a alway fear when i try and tell her something serious. V___V;;;

ARG if i had just gotten a job straight after college instead of having to look after my brother i would be able to go with out worry and go to South Africa the next week! DX

anyways, i need to seriously talk to my sister and see what she thinks...and maybe i'll ask my grandma to speak to my mum T~T

*goes to die in a corner* @__@
Tags: family, job, stress, the gazette
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