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hot hot hot! ~D:

how the hell can one man be so sexy and not be married yet! DX
i mean geez, ive never even really noticed him because it was in movie and i could never download or pay for the dvd to watch them...but now, now i've started watching this new drama... HOLY SHIT did he grab my attention ~D:

BYJ (Bae Yong Joon) is seriously one of the sexiest men on the planet..hands down! D:
look at his sexyness~

you know, i think its his smile that does it. Its like god is smiling at you ~~D:
......okay maybe not but DAMN does he have the best pearly whites ive ever seen on a korean man.

speaking of god though, he does play agod of sorts in his lastest drama which i am watching! XD
i was getting annoyed after the second episode that they were gonna drag out them all being young for about half the episodes but NOO they get straight on with it, i think they are all supposed to be like..17 or 18 now but its hard to imagine that when all the actors are about 25+ XD
anyways, this drama is AMAZING and im loving every minute of watching it, i even got my sister to start watching it!!! > >;;;; okay okay..

heres something that is SOOO true for me right now :3

You know you’re addicted to Korean dramas if…

1. You’ve tried, or you’re trying, to learn Korean in the hopes that one day you’ll watch your favorite dramas without aid of dubbing or subtitles.

2. You’ve watched your favorite dramas at least three times, and your favorite scenes—the most heart-wrenching or the most kilig [giddy]—at least 10.

3. Someone asks you to recall a particular scene from your favorite drama and you recite it in full detail, including the actors’ lines and the episode number where such scene is found.

4. You convince your friends, family, classmates, officemates and just about anyone who hasn’t caught the Koreanovela [korean dramas] bug yet to watch Korean dramas. And you do this with the kind of fervency that would make a door-to-door salesman proud.

5. Your cell phone’s ring tones feature the theme songs of “My Girl,” “Full House,” “Winter Sonata” (or the ring tones featured in such shows).

6. Your mp3 player contains mostly K-pop music or Korean ballads from your favorite drama’s soundtrack.

7. You create an online shrine dedicated to your favorite hallyu star or show.

8. You know what hallyu means.

9. Your Korean drama collection is big enough for you to open a small video rental shop.

10. You’re part of several fan clubs or a regular in online forums such as those found in soompi.com, d-addicts.com and tsinoy.com, all dedicated to your favorite K-artista or artistas [k-artist or artists].

11. You tirelessly write, petition, clamor and beg local television stations to bring your favorite Korean star to the Philippines. [i wonder if this is also the case with the other countries?]

12. You’re one of the earliest to line up at the airport when a K-star does come. Then you follow him or her to the hotel, where you’ve also booked yourself. If he or she has TV guestings or mall tours, you chalk up perfect attendance in all of them.

13. You save lunch money to be able to afford pricey collector’s items from www.Yesasia.com, such as DVDs or other K-drama paraphernalia.

14. When you do have lunch, you regularly make a beeline to Korean restaurants to eat kimbap, kimchi, and other such food fare that are featured in the dramas. You also search high and low for soju.

15. You save up money for your dream tour of Korea to see all the places featured in their dramas.

16. You watch your favorite drama all over again, this time dubbed in Filipino [or your native language] and shown in local channels, even if you’ve seen the entire English subtitled version.

17. You dream in Korean (plus points if the dream has English subtitles).


well i think it was time i was off to bed > >;;;
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