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I'm back

im back after my 2 week stay in SA with my grandma.

Things were..upsetting in the first week cause of the wake and stuff but i feel better now, not that im still upset about loosing my only grandad..of course i am, but i think its best to just get on with things.

My grandma is now selling her house in SA so she can come over and live with my mum and me. Seeing as SA's house prices are 3rd highest in the world i think we'll get a good price for it O__<
I also have to start learning to drive before my grandma gets here @___@
i have to ferry her around and stuff cause she doesnt drive anymore...but hey, its about time i learned, im 19 and i still dont know how to O:

anyways, hope everyone has been good. I got the good news today about Dir en grey adding 2 more UK shows on their next tour! XD


well i should get some sleep, i'd been travelling for almost 24 hours with only 4 hours sleep! YAY -___-
Tags: back, random, south africa
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