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time for change...

well its time for a change in the sense that i change my lj layout and profile layout :P

i wanted something i could keep for a long time and that would work no matter what season or holiday it was...plus is pink and its my fav color XD

speaking of change, anyone seen the new ayu covers for her talkin' 2 myself single? remind you much of an era?? XD
i adore the covers, they look so much like her old self, i hope this brings her popularity back up, anyway here are the covers..

1. CD / 2. CD+DVD
plus the song is friggin awesome too, so this single has to do well D:

anyways, another change...im gonna be looking for a job.... SHOCK HORROR~~~~~ *insert scary BGM*
yep, now my bro has gone back to school and im not ging to Uni for a year or 2 i have to get a job...im actually really scared cause ive never had one in my life except for baby sitting...and i dont know if you even consider that a job :/
but yeah, i have to pay for FFXI and up coming trips that i want to take...hopefully it will be good for me seeing as im a very shy person @__@

forgot to say that ive got a myspace now...i know, ive fallen in with the..crowd? meh i dunno, if you got one too feel free to friend...i need friends @w@
Tags: ayumi hamasaki, change, job hunt
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