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It's time...

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Yoon Eun Hye

trouble :/

I'm having some serious thinking to do at the min and its bloody killing me D:

The GazettE concert is in a few weeks and i still dont know if im going to be able to go, not just because i dont know if i'll have the money for it but also because of my grandma, but i dont want to let my sister down because it would be her first time seeing The GazettE and i only got her into them last year.

On the other hand my grandma called me this afternoon and she said she was alright but she wished one of us had stayed with her untill she was able to come back after her house is sold...and i feel so bad that i did and i want to go back, but i dont know if my mum will be mad at me.
I'm supposed to be working..right now, in a job but because of the timing of my grandad's death things didnt go as i thought they would and im just stressing over all these things.

will my mum be mad at me, i cant let jess down, i dont want to leave me grandma on her own.
tbh i dont know why my mum would be angry with me...i guess its just a alway fear when i try and tell her something serious. V___V;;;

ARG if i had just gotten a job straight after college instead of having to look after my brother i would be able to go with out worry and go to South Africa the next week! DX

anyways, i need to seriously talk to my sister and see what she thinks...and maybe i'll ask my grandma to speak to my mum T~T

*goes to die in a corner* @__@
Yoon Eun Hye

hot hot hot! ~D:

how the hell can one man be so sexy and not be married yet! DX
i mean geez, ive never even really noticed him because it was in movie and i could never download or pay for the dvd to watch them...but now, now i've started watching this new drama... HOLY SHIT did he grab my attention ~D:

BYJ (Bae Yong Joon) is seriously one of the sexiest men on the planet..hands down! D:
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you know, i think its his smile that does it. Its like god is smiling at you ~~D:
......okay maybe not but DAMN does he have the best pearly whites ive ever seen on a korean man.

speaking of god though, he does play agod of sorts in his lastest drama which i am watching! XD
i was getting annoyed after the second episode that they were gonna drag out them all being young for about half the episodes but NOO they get straight on with it, i think they are all supposed to be like..17 or 18 now but its hard to imagine that when all the actors are about 25+ XD
anyways, this drama is AMAZING and im loving every minute of watching it, i even got my sister to start watching it!!! > >;;;; okay okay..

heres something that is SOOO true for me right now :3

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well i think it was time i was off to bed > >;;;
Yoon Eun Hye

I'm back

im back after my 2 week stay in SA with my grandma.

Things were..upsetting in the first week cause of the wake and stuff but i feel better now, not that im still upset about loosing my only grandad..of course i am, but i think its best to just get on with things.

My grandma is now selling her house in SA so she can come over and live with my mum and me. Seeing as SA's house prices are 3rd highest in the world i think we'll get a good price for it O__<
I also have to start learning to drive before my grandma gets here @___@
i have to ferry her around and stuff cause she doesnt drive anymore...but hey, its about time i learned, im 19 and i still dont know how to O:

anyways, hope everyone has been good. I got the good news today about Dir en grey adding 2 more UK shows on their next tour! XD


well i should get some sleep, i'd been travelling for almost 24 hours with only 4 hours sleep! YAY -___-
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(no subject)

this morning i woke up to the phone ringing.... i didnt get to it on time and there was a message from my grandma in south africa. I listened to it and didnt believe what i heard...so i listened to it 3 more times before calling my sister.

she picked up the phon crying...and then i started to cry......

it was true.....my grandad passed away this morning.....
Yoon Eun Hye

time for change...

well its time for a change in the sense that i change my lj layout and profile layout :P

i wanted something i could keep for a long time and that would work no matter what season or holiday it was...plus is pink and its my fav color XD

speaking of change, anyone seen the new ayu covers for her talkin' 2 myself single? remind you much of an era?? XD
i adore the covers, they look so much like her old self, i hope this brings her popularity back up, anyway here are the covers..

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plus the song is friggin awesome too, so this single has to do well D:

anyways, another change...im gonna be looking for a job.... SHOCK HORROR~~~~~ *insert scary BGM*
yep, now my bro has gone back to school and im not ging to Uni for a year or 2 i have to get a job...im actually really scared cause ive never had one in my life except for baby sitting...and i dont know if you even consider that a job :/
but yeah, i have to pay for FFXI and up coming trips that i want to take...hopefully it will be good for me seeing as im a very shy person @__@

forgot to say that ive got a myspace now...i know, ive fallen in with the..crowd? meh i dunno, if you got one too feel free to friend...i need friends @w@
Yoon Eun Hye

whats that i hear?

Will there be JRock Revolution concerts in New York and in Europe?

: Europe! I received many messages regarding JRock Revolution, especially on myspace, concerning the Japanese artists. I realized that there were many requests for Japanese bands outside of Japan. The young bands [at JRock Revolution in the USA] are great bands, they make good music, and if I can help them leak out of Japan, then it is my pleasure. That's why I am going to try to bring JRock Revolution to Europe.

i just hope its not going to be soon like the end of this year...but god yes that is good news! XD

im having an odd obsession with sifow right now too :/
Yoon Eun Hye

Batsu and our Metting Kai video....O___o

i just stumbled onto this thread with the video of me, bonhwa_seong and 13th_deity metting Kai (from the GazettE) in germany last year.


im actually REALLY shocked at the comments that where posted in this thread O_____O

this happened a year ago! come on, if you met your fav person in your fav band..wouldnt you go a bit crazy? @___@